Sourcing and Importing Specialists

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.”


ZODIANA IMPORTING specializes in sourcing and importing high quality health and wellness products from markets including China, India and Indonesia. Zodiana Importing at all times endeavours to seek unique and exceptional products that are manufactured to the highest standards which we view as essential for distribution into the USA, Europe and Australiasia.

Health & Wellness

Fitness Accessories

Sleep Solutions

Our Story

ZODIANA importing was founded by Gabby Lambkin and has over 10 years of business experience, in particular the health & wellness industry. Gabby’s focus is to improve and positively influence the daily lifestyle of other people by delivering high-quality and practical health and wellness brands for sale into the global marketplace, in particular the US, Europe and Australia.

Our Values

At ZODIANA importing, we believe that business is about more than money. It’s about innovation, integrity, communication and personal relationships. It’s about the impact we have on the world and the value we add to the lives of all those involved in our business – employees, manufacturers and customers.